Hans Zirngast is an European Artist, Designer, Author, Poet, Writer and Athlete.

Hans Zirngast is the founder of Atelier Hans Zirngast, hanszirngast Design and Hans Zirngast Athletics.

Atelier Hans Zirngast related art is also named hanszirngast and atelierhanszirngast, while design works are named hanszirngast Design and again hanszirngast.
As a further activity Hans Zirngast writes books, texts, writings, poetry and poems. These author, poet and writer related activities are signed Hans Zirngast Autor, hanszirngastautor and Hans Zirngast.
hanszirngast Design has its focus on design.
A personal, private, some kind of side project of Hans Zirngast is athletics and fitness related activities based as seen via Hans Zirngast Athlete and Hans Zirngast Athletics.

Even though being open-minded and being interested in the whole world, a strong focus is set on Europe.
An enhanced interest is given to Italy for art and design related activities and also Switzerland - each especially for Hans' future related doing.

As the main language of Hans is German and he likes to write in the in before mentioned language the most as German is a wonderful language, a more detailed information on Hans Zirngast is written in German language here:

Hans Zirngast - Person - Information in German language

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